Virtues Development Journal

Mastering the Five Strategies of The Virtues Project™:
A Personal Journal to Enrich Your Life in 40 Days

By Betsy Lydle Smith & Heather Acres

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"This journal brings the Five Strategies of The Virtues Project™ more deeply and meaningfully into our lives. It is a simple, powerful tool for living our very best lives."
- Linda Kavelin Popov, co-founder of The Virtues Project™

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Note: You will need either a set of virtues cards or one of the Virtues Project books to work with this journal.

What some of our journal users had to say:

"Living a life filled with honesty, simplicity, reverence, patience, and encouragement takes daily practice. This book gives a solid foundation to making virtues come off the page and show up consciously in your life." Asali Powers, Atlanta, GA

"This journal is an excellent refresher! It reminded me to recognize the virtues in every person while continually inspiring me to lead a more virtuous life." Stephen Veit, Bellevue, WA