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Introduction to The Virtues Project™: Awakening the Gifts of Character

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With Master Facilitators: Heather Acres & Betsy Lydle Smith

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Cost: U.S. $249 - INCLUDES Mastering the 5 Strategies of the Virtues Project (Journal) - $29.95 value

Introduction to The Virtues Project Online Recorded Webinar Content

This webinar format allows people from all over the world to learn in the comfort of their own home or office using the internet and a computer.

Individuals who complete this webinar course will be eligible to enroll in The Virtues Project Facilitator Program.

This course focuses on 52 virtues honored by all cultures and the five life skill strategies of The Virtues Project™. Participants will:

Class members will learn through:



Cost: U.S. $249


Required Materials

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  1. Mastering the 5 Strategies of the Virtues Project (Journal): INCLUDED IN COURSE FEE ($29.95 value)
  2. One of the following:

Comments from previous webinar participants

I have really been enjoying the webinar and have found it to be extremely helpful. I have felt that I am growing in my self- awareness and thus in my relationships. I have become more aware of what I say, and particularly how I speak to others. I can only imagine all the preparation that you Betsy and Heather have had in the making the presentations so interesting and powerful.
-Anthony, South Africa

The strategies offered are useful, practical and effective. Being able to participate from the comfort of my home in the webinar format is not only economical but allows my wife and I to participate without distractions. This is particularly relevant in our situation as we live in a very remote part of the Canadian Arctic. Thank you for your commitment to this initiative and to the excellence in which you offer it.
- Alan Everard, Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, Canada

. . . what I received was priceless. Heather and Betsy have spent years studying the virtues and it is an honor to have their knowledge, insight and experience to learn from.

I can't imagine how I would improve the program. Having the webinar weekly was great, the discussions were fantastic and the journaling helped to consolidate what we discussed during the webinar.
- Cathy Rudyk, Canada

The value of the webinar and the cost were great. When you consider the subject matter learned it was excellent compared to some other webinars available!
- Wannita Knox, U.S.A.

The Enthusiasm and Positive feedback made this course very enjoyable. The diversity of the group from all over the world showed Unity. The common thread of humanity was shared by all. The materials were sent in a timely manner. Thank You Heather and Betsy for sharing and caring.
- Gail Fuson, Canada

The facilitators set a very positive, relaxed, caring and accepting tone for our learning. They were both, obviously very well-prepared and credible as presenters. They were skillful in managing the groups dynamic.

The materials were excellent, well-organized, clear, helpful.
L. Babin, U.S.A

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